Stuck For Ideas? Here Are 10 Physical Therapy Blog Post Ideas To Attract More Readers And Potential Patients

Physical Therapy Blog IdeasLet’s set the scene; you have a Physical Therapy blog, however you’re stuck for ideas about what you should write about that will attract new patients to your site. Sound familiar?

Well, in actual fact there is plenty that you can talk about in a blog post that will entice and engage new patients and readers to your blog.

I can help you to unlock your creative juices to get you creating original ideas and writing some great content for your blog.  

10 great blog post ideas to attract more readers and patients:

1. Informative Posts

Use informative posts to educate your readers about what they’re looking for. Generally, people tend to search for posts informing about a specific condition, symptoms, impairments and treatments.

2. Q&A Posts

Q&A posts are a great way of finding out what your readers want to know. Allow your readers to ask questions via email or through social media, and post the answers into a blog post. Similar to what I am doing here.

3. Inspirational and Success Stories

These posts are great to inspire, motivate and encourage, as well as congratulate readers on their achievements. These types of posts are very personal, so they allow you to develop a deeper connection with your readers and clients.

4. List Posts

List posts are very popular and widely used, as they’re easy to follow, simple to read and usually provide a lot of value that will often be shared by readers.  This blog post is an example of a list post! 

5. Case Study Posts

Case study posts are constructed in a step-by-step manner, as they explain the problem and a specific solution providing information about why each step is necessary.

6. FAQ Post

Make use of your existing resources and create a FAQ page. Post the most frequently asked questions that you receive from patients about rehabilitation of a certain diagnosis and use it for your post. Ensure that your answers are clear, concise and useful to the reader.

Review Posts

Review posts can be of products, books, equipment, or a service.

8. Interview Posts

You can interview PT’s, surgeons, other specialists and even patients who have successfully gone through your rehabilitation program and are now functioning independently, as this will instate confidence into your reader.

9. Profile Posts

You can use this type of post to profile staff members or other physical therapists in the clinic. Talk about their expertise, knowledge, background and what qualities they bring to the clinic.

10. Definition Posts

With a definition post you can choose a medical-related term that the patient will find useful and define it using simple, comprehensible language that the reader can easily understand. This will be useful for both patients and for those who are doing research and want to find out more about the medical-related terminology.

As you develop your blog post content, ensure to create attention-grabbing headlines that will entice your reader to continue reading your content. Create curiosity with topics and headlines that you know your reader will want to learn more about. If you have a boring headline, visitors will look past it and will be less likely to read on, so make sure it grabs them by the collar (figuratively speaking!) to increase post views.

I will talk more about writing headlines in a future blog post. Alternatively, if you would like more advanced training your can visit the Physical Therapy Blog Academy where I discuss this in greater detail.

Hopefully this post has helped you to start thinking about great content ideas. Now you can implement some of these ideas into your blog posts and hopefully attract more readers or potential patients to your blog. Good luck!