How To Add A Picture ( Gravatar ) To Your Physical Therapy Blog Comments

Are You Using A Picture ( Gravatar) To Brand Your Blog Comments?

I have seen a lot of empty images where a real picture should be on many of the comments left on  physical therapy blogs I have visited.  So I thought I would share a tutorial that will show you and other physical therapists how to add a picture or gravatar to their blog comments.

Either when commenting on your blog or other blogs, I feel it is important to let others in the virtual community see a picture of you or your company brand so they can identify and connect with your comments. Below I have a video that briefly explains the benefits of having a Gravatar and why you should start implementing them when you comment on blogs other than your own.

Now below are some screenshots that will show you how to set this up step by step.  Click on the images to see a larger shot on your screen. Just follow the detailed steps below and you will be on your way to branding your blog comments with your own Gravatar.

Step 1.  Visit the website and sign up at the top left-hand corner.







Step 2. Sign up to begin creating your Gravatar image.




Step 3. Select “add an email” in the my account menu.
This email address will be connected to the image you select later on.






 Step 4. Once you confirm your email account with the Gravatar website it will be time to select your Gravatar image. Go to my account menu and select add image. Choose where you’d like to get the image from.






Step 5. Most of your images will already be on your computer.
So select a file from your computer to get your image.







6. Crop your image and select finish.












Step 7. Choose a rating for your Gravatar image.













Step 8. Next you want to confirm this is the image you want to use for your Gravatar.







Step 9. Select an email address to connect with your Gravatar image.




Step 10. Congratulations! Your email address is now connected to your Gravatar image. You can begin blog commenting and have everyone see your Gravatar image. That’s pretty much it for creating your own Gravatar image. You can now comment on other physical therapy related blogs and start branding your new Gravatar image.

Once you have completed these steps, show off your new Gravatar image to me by leaving a comment below. Also I would be grateful if you can help me spread this post around on Twitter, Facebook or any other social network you use so that others can learn how to create Gravatars of their own.