Get More Targeted Views To Your Physical Therapy Videos On YouTube


Below is a summary of what I discussed in this video.

1. Video Title:

You should have your keyword or keyword phrase that is relevant to your video close to the beginning of your video title. To get some keyword ideas you can use the Google Keyword Search Tool or make notes to yourself when you evaluate patients and they begin to describe their functional or pain complaints. Your patients can be a great source of keyword phrases. I find when patients are describing their pain or functional limitations, they use the same descriptors or “Keyword Phrases” to search on Google or YouTube for solutions.

2. Descriptions: 

Maximize and optimize this section to improve your video SEO.  You can do this by writing an SEO optimized article, include a video transcript, or give a thorough description of what your video is about. After leaving an optimized description of your video, make sure to place your full URL link that direct visitors to your website or your social media networks.

3. Tags:

Tags are keywords you use to describe what your video is about. It is also what your visitors will likely enter when searching for your videos on YouTube. You can use the Google keyword tool to find keywords that get a healthy amount of searches to add to your video tags. Make sure to select tags that are relevant to your physical therapy video in order to get quality and targeted traffic. You also want to use the keywords that are in your title and in your description to increase relevancy.

4. Video Location:

YouTube visitors can choose to search for videos that are local to their area. By adding a video location tag to your physical therapy videos, YouTube will give your video preference to visitors in your local area searching for topics that might include a video you created. This is great for physical therapy private practice owners looking to get local patient referrals from their YouTube videos.

I hope you found the video helpful. Let me know if you have any questions or comments below.