Free Online Resource Helps Physical Therapists Go Virtual

I have a fairly large number of computers that I use regularly. I have a work PC, a home PC, laptop, and then a smartphone which I use when I’m on the go.

Having so many devices has become a must for me because of the nature of my business. I’m sure a lot of you have more than one computer that you use in the clinic, the office and at home.

The problem with this kind of setup is that you have to  keep track of which files were created on which computer and then email them to yourself if you want to access it from another computer. It was a process I had to do in order to get access to files on computers I was working on. It was a time waster and sometimes killed my productivity.

For a long time I used portable USB drives to transport and transfer my media files from computer to computer. The problem with this was I would forget the USB drive at home or would have to worry about structural damage from drops. I was more terrified of losing data from constantly transporting the USB device everywhere.

I also tried to use Google Docs to overcome this problem but realized that they have a long way to go as far as functionality is concerned.  All of this was a real pain until I discovered a neat little service called Dropbox.

This service allows you to create and sync folders with all the computers you use at work and at home with each other.  You can save and transfer all kinds of  files like word docs, power point presentations, video, audio, etc. The highlight of the Dropbox service is knowing that what you saved in one computer is accessible from another. Your files are also accessible over the internet and works with both MACs and PCs. This makes you 100% virtual! You can basically be anywhere with an internet connection and access your files on all of your synced computers.

The service is easy to use and you can get started as soon as you sign up with them.  All you have to do is create folders on your Dropbox account. Then drop your files in that folder and Dropbox will do the rest for you. It detects every time there is a change in the folder and does its magic.

With Dropbox you can also create shared folders for access among your staff or team members. For example, if I have a Powerpoint presentation that I want to share with my colleagues, I can drop the file into my Dropbox folder then send all team members an email notification. Once the email notification is received they will be prompted by Dropbox to visit the website for downloading instructions. It’s that quick and easy!

They offer you 2 GB space for free and so far this has been enough for my needs. Here are some other great features of this service:

1. Ease of use: The service is really easy to use. Once you have it configured, all you need to do is drop your files in the folders and you will be able to access your files from all your synced computers and devices.

2. Works on multiple platforms: The service works on Windows, Mac and Linux, smartphones and syncs any type of file.

3. Collaboration: This service allows multiple people to collaborate because they can work on files from a common location and are able to see each other’s changes in real time.

4. Creates Photo Galleries: It creates photo galleries from photos in your Dropbox.

5. Online backup: Your data is backed up online on their servers and you will be able to restore previous versions of the file.

6. Web Access: You can access your files from the internet and the interface allows you to manipulate files like editing, deleting or renaming them.

The Dropbox service is really efficient and because it is free for up to 2 GBs there is every reason for you to try it out today!

You can try it out using —> my referral link and let me know what you think about the service.