Are Your Patients Satisfied With Your Physical Therapy Practice?

Most physical therapy practices strive not only to meet, but also to exceed the expectations of their patients. However, not all patients that walk through the doors of your physical therapy practice will be comfortable telling you when they believe something needs improvement. Patient surveys can serve as voices for those who otherwise might remain […]

11 Promotional Products To Give Your Patients And Promote Your Physical Therapy Practice

  Using imprinted promotional products can be an extremely cost effective way to promote your physical therapy practice or to say thank you to your patients. Here are some great functional promotional products you can give away as gifts to your patients and at the same time spread the word about your physical therapy practice. […]

11 Ways Your Physical Therapy Practice Can Avoid Poor Online Reviews

Wake Up! Take a good look around you and observe what everybody else around you is doing. They are more than likely texting posts on Twitter or Facebook or some other form of social media. Face it my friends, social media is here to stay and will be alive and well for a very long […]

Why Online Reviews Matter For Your Physical Therapy Practice

  Who’s Looking for Your Services Online?¬† People in need of physical therapy services are searching for a good physical therapist and these days, they’re using nontraditional methods that have proven to be very effective. More and more often, people are turning to the internet to find physical therapists. They’re using social media sites like […]

My Physical Therapy Marketing Predictions For 2011

2011 will be a great year for physical therapists in private practice if they go beyond their usual ways of marketing and¬†advertising. When I say “Usual Ways” I’m referring to relying on yellow page ads, newspaper ads, radio advertising and other traditional means of marketing. These mediums are slowly becoming less effective in reaching the […]
    • Samuel Awosolu, PT is a licensed physical therapist with extensive knowledge in web and mobile marketing. He has written for Advance Magazine, PT Products Online, and other industry magazines. He has helped many physical therapists in private practice including companies in different industries promote their websites, increase traffic generation, new patient referral strategies, and developed effective offline marketing campaigns.