Physical Therapy Website Case Study: Using Google Analytics To Understand Your Mobile Visitors

  In this video I discuss the importance of using Google Analytics to measure and track your mobile visitor traffic. We should observe that more and more people view websites and blogs through mobile devices. It will soon be important for you to optimize your site to accommodate this traffic so you can eventually convert […]

Use This Checklist To Keep Your Physical Therapy Website A Success

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that every business should have a web presence. Years ago, all it took to have a successful physical therapy practice was a sign out front, a strong referral base and an advertisement in the Yellow Pages. Now, it is absolutely essential to have a powerful website that […]
    • Samuel Awosolu, PT is a licensed physical therapist with extensive knowledge in web and mobile marketing. He has written for Advance Magazine, PT Products Online, and other industry magazines. He has helped many physical therapists in private practice including companies in different industries promote their websites, increase traffic generation, new patient referral strategies, and developed effective offline marketing campaigns.