PTMU 003: Using Social Media And Blogging To Attract Patient Referrals — With Dr. Erson Religioso III, DPT

Who: Dr. Erson Religioso III, DPT FAAOMPTBlog: The Manual Therapist Using social media and blogging to increase patient referrals is a topic I’m sure most of you are curious to learn more about. I have heard many internet “marketers” claim that social media and blogging are wastes of time for Physical Therapists. Not true! Following those myths will […]

11 Ways Your Physical Therapy Practice Can Avoid Poor Online Reviews

Wake Up! Take a good look around you and observe what everybody else around you is doing. They are more than likely texting posts on Twitter or Facebook or some other form of social media. Face it my friends, social media is here to stay and will be alive and well for a very long […]

Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas To Help You Stand Out From The Crowd

In this video I talk about why you should think outside the box and use a few unconventional marketing strategies to help build your patient or client referral base. I must admit that some of these strategies are probably a little bit different than what you are used to doing traditionally. However isn’t that what […]

Use This Checklist To Keep Your Physical Therapy Website A Success

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that every business should have a web presence. Years ago, all it took to have a successful physical therapy practice was a sign out front, a strong referral base and an advertisement in the Yellow Pages. Now, it is absolutely essential to have a powerful website that […]

2012 Physical Therapy Marketing Predictions

In this video I share with you my 2012 physical therapy marketing predictions that could make an impact in your physical therapy practice.  Some of this years predictions are similar to the 2011 physical therapy marketing predictions. Only this year I added some emerging  technologies and strategies that are starting to catch on fire! You […]
    • Samuel Awosolu, PT is a licensed physical therapist with extensive knowledge in web and mobile marketing. He has written for Advance Magazine, PT Products Online, and other industry magazines. He has helped many physical therapists in private practice including companies in different industries promote their websites, increase traffic generation, new patient referral strategies, and developed effective offline marketing campaigns.