5 Tips To Drive Traffic To Your Physical Therapy Website

Recently I have been getting emails by PT’s who have their own website with questions about how to generate website traffic. Some of these PT’s are in private practice or offer physical therapy continuing education courses.  I thought it would be a great idea to answer some of these questions here on the blog. Basically there are many ways you can drive traffic to your physical therapy website. I won’t go through all of them because there are just too many to cover.

However I can give you the 5 most effective ways you can start generating traffic to your website that you can use right away. These tips will help increase exposure to your website online and bring in either potential referrals for your clinic or attendees for your PT ceu course. SEO SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective and popular ways of getting traffic to your website.

 By using the right targeted keywords in your website, it can position your website high on the search engine result pages. This makes it easier for potential visitors to see your website and know more about your PT clinic or ceu course. You can optimize your website for maximum search by choosing keywords your target audience is typing into Google to find your services. For example, if you are a physical therapist with a focus on pediatrics in the Atlanta GA area then you would optimize your site using local keywords like “Atlanta Pediatric Physical Therapist” or “Pediatric Physical Therapy In Atlanta”. Having two to three main keyword phrases per page should be enough to start driving the right amount of targeted visitors to your website.

Below is a screenshot example of someone typing into Google “Atlanta Pediatric Physical Therapy” and the listed results that come up on the first page. You want to have your private practice be one of the first few results listed so a potential patient referral can stumble onto your site early when doing a search for your services.

Placing your keywords in the right place also plays a vital part in the optimization of your website. The best places for your keywords are in the title tags of your website pages, inserting them into your meta tag keywords and meta tag description of all your pages and most importantly in the content of your website pages.  If you are not sure where all these these things belong or don’t how to optimze your website, then you may have to ask your webmaster.

  I do offer in-depth SEO training for physical therapists in the PT Marketing Academy where I explain how to optimize your website for search in step by step video tutorials. Now what you don’t want to do is stuff your website with all kinds of unrelated keywords. This hit or miss approach is not good SEO practice and it makes your website look super spammy.  When adding your main keywords to your website content make sure it reads well and that it provides value to your reader. Regardless if you attract visitors through good SEO, if your website content reads like crap then no one is going to stick around to read it.

Email Marketing

Sending email newsletters is a good way to keep your message and personal branding in front of your existing patients or email subscribers. With this type of marketing you are connecting with your audience and building a relationship through valuable content you provide to them. This is the best medium to show your expertise by discussing things related to their functional lives ( i.e injury prevention, back safety, postural awareness, etc ).

Some physical therapy newsletters I have read have strategically placed links to their website articles in the newsletter. This forces you to go back to their website.  This is a great idea because it drives the traffic back to your site and it gives your subscribers a chance to learn more about your PT clinic and the services you offer. You can also encourage your newsletter subscribers to share your content with their social media community on Facebook and Twitter to drive even more potential traffic. Make sure to provide the right call to action buttons in your newsletter so subscribers can share your content with others.  People may forget to share your content after reading it. So giving them a little nudge from a strategically placed call to action button at the end can help get your content get passed along for others to read.

Social Media

Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube have tons of traffic in them already.  All you need is a virtual pipeline to funnel the targeted traffic from those social media websites to your own.  Below are a few things I have found to be the best way to utilize social media sites and to drive traffic back to your website.

The most effective way to use Social Media:

1. Create discussion groups. Get people talking by creating specific support groups based on the types of patients you see in the clinic. Examples would be groups catering to people dealing with post-op hip replacement, knee replacement, etc. As a PT CEU Instructor, maybe you can create a group around a particular treatment technique used in the clinic and offer case studies to the group. There are many things you can do to get the conversation going and effectively get people to visit your website for more information about you and your services.

2. Provide Q & A sessions for your online communities. By answering questions in your social community you are displaying your expert status in your profession. You will also be looked at as a resource for solid information. That is a good thing! Doing this builds trust and makes people want to learn more about you and your PT practice.

3. Reach out to potential referral makers in your local area ( i.e physicans, surgeons, pain clinics, etc ). The myth is that these types of referral makers do not use social media. Not true at all! They are there in full force looking to connect and create lasting relationships like you and me. So why not connect with these people on social media and offer ways to help improve their patient outcomes. Maybe you can provide an educational inservice at their office for their patients. The goal here is to connect and build a relationship first. Then offer to do something for them initially before asking for the referral.

4. Provide useful and valuable content specifically for your social community and ask them to kindly share your content with others. Articles and video that you create or that you find online that is useful to the community are great ways to build value in your community. Using these social media tactics consistently will have people wanting to know more about you. This behavior typically drives people to your website to learn more about you.  It has happened to me many times on all of the social media sites I use and is probably one of my best targeted traffic referral source.  

Paid Advertising

Pay Per Click
or PPC advertising is one of the common methods of advertising a product, company or website. This can also bring a lot of traffic to your website. The only thing is you have to pay for it. There are some pros and cons when using PPC advertising.  I personally like to receive free traffic but eventually you get to a point where you need to reach a wider audience. So paying for traffic is something you should think about as your need to acquire more online traffic grows. So let’s talk about the pros of using PPC advertising to bring traffic to your website. PPC ads are like turning on the water facet. You pay the service provider and you get traffic almost instantly! Yes, it’s that simple! It’s probably the fastest way to bring traffic to your website almost immediately.  A good benefit to PPC ads when setting up your campaigns, you can  measure which set of keywords are effective in driving the most amount of converting traffic and then use those same keywords to optimize your website pages as we mentioned earlier.

The cons of using PPC ads include the fact that it can create a hole in your budget if you do not know what you are doing. You have to understand ad copy which is your advertisements verbal or textual content. Another thing is testing multiple ads against each other to see which ads are converting winners and which are the losers. It is a process that if you don’t know much about is best left for someone that does. If you are daring enough to try you can always start off with a small budget to play around with and learn as you go.

If you decide to try PPC Ads to drive traffic here are some places to start:

1. Facebook Ads
2. Google Ads
3. Yahoo and Bing Ads
4. Local Sponsorship Banner Ads.

These can be websites that have a local presence in your area and offer banner placement on their website. I will be providing more blog content on PPC ads in the future. I know it is an area that can seem intimidating but I feel you should have some working knowledge about how it all works.  

Offline Marketing Tools Traditional offline marketing tools are also effective in driving traffic to your website. Some marketers kind of moved away from this type of marketing because of all the hype with the internet and social media. However offline tools can still prove to be very much effective in driving website traffic and increasing the exposure of your physical therapy clinic or ceu course. Below are some effective offline tools you should remember to stick your website url on to get people to come back and visit you online:

1. Post Cards
2. Business Cards
3. Company Letter Heads
4. Brochures
5. Envelopes
6. Company Voicemails.

A simple line that states “you can always reach us through our website” is often effective.   So those were the 5 ways you can drive traffic to your physical therapy website. I go more in depth and explain in detail how to do all 5 traffic generating techniques in the  PT Marketing Academy.  I would advise you to take a look at if you want to learn more about marketing your physical therapy business.

Don’t feel like you have to do all of these things at once to start driving traffic to your site. I’ll admit that it can be a bit overwhelming and an uphill climb to conquer if you are not familiar with how to drive traffic to a website.  I would like to encourage you though to take action on one of these traffic generating techniques.

Focus on one for now so that you can start building a steady stream of targeted potential referrals for your PT practice or attendees for your PT ceu course. If you found this post helpful please share on Facebook and Twitter with the buttons below.