11 Promotional Products To Give Your Patients And Promote Your Physical Therapy Practice


Using imprinted promotional products can be an extremely cost effective way to promote your physical therapy practice or to say thank you to your patients. Here are some great functional promotional products you can give away as gifts to your patients and at the same time spread the word about your physical therapy practice.


1. Sports Water Bottles

Benefits: Patients can carry their favorite beverages anywhere. The logo and website URL for your Physical Therapy Practice can be displayed on the water bottle for everyone to see.

Most water bottles are formfitting and easy to carry.

Average Cost Range: $2.00 – $3.50

You can find sports water bottles that are made completely out of recycled materials as well as those with carrying straps. They come in just about every color, shape, and design you can imagine.



2. Travel Mugs

Benefits: Travel mugs are a great way for patients to carry hot beverages such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or even soup.

Average Cost Range: $2.25 – $3.50

Varieties: Travel mugs can also be found in just about every color and size. Some have a small bowl and spoon attached for sipping coffee or eating soup.



3. iPad Covers

Benefits: Almost everyone has one: iPads are the new laptops. More likely than not, someone who owns an iPad does not leave home without it.

As an ad specialty, you can place your logo, URL, and a brief message on an iPad cover.

IPad covers give your Physical Therapy Practice great visibility simply by being used a lot and because people travel tons of places worldwide with their iPads in tow: places of employment, schools, bus stations, grocery stores, and vacation destinations just to name a few!

Average Cost Range: $4.25 – $6.00 (softcovers), $5.00 – $6.25 (hardcovers)

You can find Neoprene Softcovers as well as Silicone Hardcovers. The hardcovers will obviously protect your iPad better but cost a bit more. You can also find them in thousands of designer colors, prints, and designs that you can then add your logo to.



4. Grip Roller Pens

These pens are comfortable on the distal ends of your fingers where the most pressure is applied when writing. If you are able to find and purchase the ones with the thick grip padding, those tend to be more comfortable. The pens offer enough room to add your URL or company name down the side.

Average Cost Range: $.48 – $2.50 (The thicker the grip at the bottom of the pen the higher the price.)

Varieties: Different colors of pens as well as their inks are available. On the internet, you have almost every color of the spectrum at your disposal.



5.  7-Day Medication Reminders

Benefits: If you cater to the geriatric population or neuro-based caseloads, you know these patients are almost always on some form of medications.

You can place your Physical Therapy Practice and URL across the top and sides of one of these medication reminders where it will be seen on a daily basis.

Average Cost Range: $.50 – $.90 (7-day), $1.27 – $2.00 (28-day)

Varieties: You can find medication reminders in both 7-day and 28-day and in a variety of colors. Some even have alarms that you can set that will go off when it is time for you to take your medicines!



6. First-Aid Kits

Benefits: Everyone should have a first-aid kit in the house or car, and you can place your logo on these kits where your patients (and anyone who visits them) may see them every day.

It may not reward you with the same visibility as some of the other ad specialties will, but they can still give you some exposure whenever someone looks at them. Additionally, people who look at them will begin to relate your Physical Therapy Practice with safety and good health.

 Average Cost Range: $1.25 (small kits) – $20.oo (large kits)

Varieties: A small kit might contain items such as a few alcohol wipes, antibiotic cream, aspirin, and a few Band-Aids, and a large kit might contain all of these things as well as heat compresses, gauze packs, various medicines, various sizes of Band-Aids, tweezers, and burn cream.



7. Hand Sanitizers

Benefits: The public has been educated greatly on the importance of washing and sanitizing ones hands. I personally keep a few bottles of hand sanitizer in my home and car—I even carry a pocket-sized version with me for those times when I find myself in places where I cannot wash my hands.

Pocket-sized hand sanitizers make the perfect ad specialty for your patients because they will use them often, and they can (and will!) carry them everywhere with them. You can put your logo on them and maybe even squeeze in a telephone number.

 Average Cost Range: $.60 – $.90 cents

Varieties:  These are fairly standard. However, you can find inexpensive little clips to attach to the top of the bottles so that they can be attached to purses, diaper bags, and briefcases, which enables your patients to carry the name of your Physical Therapy Practice even farther.



8. Reusable Hot and Cold Packs

Benefits: This is a great ad specialty for patients who need to use hot or cold packs while performing exercises at home.

Hot packs can be used for muscle aches and pains, or you can throw a pack in the freezer for cool relief. You can place your logo on these along with a website URL.

Average Cost Range: $1.00 – $1.25 per hot/cold pack

Varieties: You can find these covered in fabrics to make them more comfortable for you as well as with things such as Velcro or elastic so that you can wear them around your legs or arms while you exercise.



9. Digital Thermometers

Benefits: Great for taking temperatures: no guessing or rounding involved and much more reliable than feeling to see whether someone’s head is hot using the back of your hand or your cheek. Might be a little pricey, but they make great giveaways in your Physical Therapy Practice of gifts for your friends that say you care.

Your logo along the side might even be able to serve a double purpose: the ill person can stare at your Practice’s name and URL until the thermometer is ready to be read, and if a different person reads it, they will see your information too.

Average Cost Range: Between $3.00 and $9.00

Varieties: You can find digital thermometers that go under the patient’s tongue, ear, and even some that run across the forehead. Their price ranges are just as vast!



10. Insulated Lunch Bags

Benefits: I have three of these from my old employers. These bags are great to store food, to take with you to work, to school, on picnics, or just any time you leave the house and think you might be gone for a while.

Parents can use these to pack snacks for their kids to eat while they run errands—they’re great for everyone! Some of them have good insulation to keep foods fresh, and some will even keep food warm or cold.

Average Cost Range: $1.30 – $1.95

Varieties: Insulated lunch bags come in every size, shape, color, and design you can imagine. They also offer some that keep your food warm, some that keep your food cold, and some with compartments to keep your food separated.

I have seen them in the shape of action figures, flowers, cars—you name it! You could have your company logo, name, website URL, telephone number, e-mail address, fax number, your staff member’s names, and your address all written on one and have your patients looking at it every day for 30-60 minutes while they eat lunch!!



11. Flashlight Key Chains

Benefits: These are good to use to help you find keyholes in the dark. However, most only have enough space for your Physical Therapy Practice logo.

On the up side though, if it is on a key chain, chances are, your patients (as well as anyone they are with) will look at it all day long.

Average Cost Range:  $.74 – $1.70

Varieties: The options for key chains are, literally, limitless.


You can search online for a promotional products company. I like 4Imprint Promotional Products. They have a wide selection of promotional items you can choose from. They also offer free samples. 

Or you can support your local promotional product store in your area and have them order the items that will work best for your Physical Therapy Practice.

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