10 Online Productivity Tools for Physical Therapists



Most of us live very busy lifestyles nowadays. If you are running a physical therapy practice or a small business, shaving just a few minutes off your agenda can make the difference between getting everything done today and beginning tomorrow with the overwhelming panic of being behind schedule.

Luckily, technology has made it super easy to find and share tools that will keep physical therapists everywhere ahead of the game. You will find below a list of tools that I consistently use to stay productive in my business and personal life.



Dropbox is an online file management system that allows you to share and collaborate with your colleagues as well as access your documents and files from anywhere. It is very easy to use too! Just download Dropbox to your computer and then save your documents to the Dropbox folder. You can then access your documents from any mobile device or computer, so you always have access to your most important files. Furthermore, when you save a document to your Dropbox, it automatically updates that document for all users with whom you have shared that file, so you can always be sure you and your physical therapy colleagues have the most recent version available.


Evernote For Physical Therapists
Evernote is an incredibly useful tool that will help you “remember everything.” With a single click, you can use Evernote to create “notes” for yourself by typing, writing (uses your mouse), speaking (audio), or even through video. You can also use the Web Clipper to save entire webpages or just portions of them to your Evernote account so you can go back to read them later–even if the webpage is taken down. You can save everything you find online or create yourself and store it in categorized folders and more. It’s like having a personal Project Manager…only better! The best part is that Evernote keeps everything sync, so you can access all of your notes and files from any computer or mobile device you use.

Remember The Milk
:Remember The Milk For Physical Therapists

Not sure why they named the tool “Remember the Milk,” but it is catchy. Basically, this tool is an online to-do list that is accessible from any web browser, and they have apps for androids and iPhones that are synced to your online account. For every new task you create, you can set different descriptions, categories, due dates, priority levels, and reminders. Remember the Milk is a great way to keep you organized and your schedule current. Use it in your Physical Therapy practice to remember important meetings and to keep your appointment schedule up to date.


Google Calendar:Google Calendar For Physical Therapists

One of my must-haves! Google Calendar is another helpful tool that keeps your schedule up to date and you organized by allowing you to view daily, weekly, or monthly calendars from any device. You create “events” to insert into your calendar, and then Google Calendar enables you to send invitations if you want people to join you. It also works with your Gmail account so that you can receive reminders for appointments. If you are a busy person who feels like you are always forgetting something, you can let Google Calendar take some of the stress away by reminding you when you have somewhere to be!



YesWare allows you to track emails to see when, where, from what device, and how many times someone opens an email you have sent. This knowledge enables you to tailor future email content so you will receive the best results. You can also use YesWare to make sure emails sent to patients, third-party providers, physicians, colleagues, equipment companies, etc., are received and viewed.

YesWare creates reports and analytics for you to monitor and track the progress of sent email. It also allows physical therapists who send out newsletters or emails to tailor content to better serve their patients’ needs and build stronger bonds.

:Soundgecko For Physical Therapists

SoundGecko is a brilliant new app that will READ your favorite websites, news, articles, and documents to you while you are busy with other things! This app is simply a must-have for busy professionals everywhere. I personally use this service when I am stuck in traffic or on long trips out of town. SoundGecko is great in turning all of the things you save on the web or your documents into audio. You can catch up on the latest news, finally get to that book you have been waiting forever to read, and even listen to home study CEU courses—all while doing other things such as driving, working, or even exercising!


Lastpass For Physical Therapists
LastPass is a password management system that everyone can benefit from. Have you ever heard someone say that you should have a unique password for every account you have online? I don’t know about you, but my life is crazy enough without having to remember 200 unique passwords!

With LastPass, all you have to do is remember ONE “master password” for your LastPass account. LastPass will generate an impossible-to-guess unique password for all of your online accounts and then remember it. The next time you need to log on to a website, LastPass will ask you if you want to auto-fill the password. So you never have to worry about someone figuring out what your password is again or hacking into your account. The best part of this is you never have to worry about forgetting your own password again either.

Skype For Physical Therapists
Skype is a useful tool that allows you to call or text anyone who has a Skype account for free. The great thing about Skype—other than the fact that most of its features are FREE—is that you can use your webcam with Skype to make video calls.

Personally, you could use this feature to talk face-to-face with that special family member or friend who lives halfway around the world. Professionally,you could use this feature to conduct meetings, hold in-services, and administer training to staff members. As a Physical Therapist, Skype could prove to be an invaluable tool for talking with your patients or sending them helpful exercise tutorials for managing their functional limitations and injuries.


Google Docs:
Google Docs For Physical Therapists
Google Docs ( now called Google Drive ) is a free online office suite that allows you to create, access, and share documents with anyone and from anywhere. Google Docs allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, surveys, and presentations right from the web. The documents you create or upload are stored in Google Drive, which allows you to access your documents later from any computer or mobile device.

Perhaps the best part about Google Docs though is that you can share your docs with your contacts. You can set permissions for the people you share your docs with too. This means that your friends’ and colleagues’ capabilities can range from read only to full access. Having full access allows your contacts to make changes to the document, which you will be able to view once it is saved to Google Drive.

Google Docs would allow you to collaborate with your PT colleagues in the creation of office forms, insurance documents, billing and coding information, educational materials, and other documents pertinent to your clinic. It will also allow you to communicate more effectively with your patients by providing them with common health forms, exercise handouts, patient education information, and insurance related forms in a collaborative format.


Pulse Reader:
Pulse Reader For Physical Therapists
Very simply put, Pulse is the best way to read all of your favorite webpages, blogs, newspapers, and magazines all in one place. You can scroll through their catalog to find new content to add to your Pulse, or you can add content you find on the web. Pulse pulls all of your favorite content into one, easy-to-find place using RSS feeds. I personally like this because I don’t have to surf multiple sites that I frequently visit anymore to find the news and information I need.


It is amazing to me the infinite number of different tools online nowadays that can help keep you organized and on schedule. And as our lives continue to grow busier and busier, it only makes sense to utilize the tools we have been given. These are just a few of my favorite tools, tools that I have found to be very useful in both my personal life and my professional life as a Physical Therapist. I hope that one or more of these will help make your day go a little more smoothly too!